Psychic Readings

Psychic Stacy Joyce can share information about the future, bring clarity to current issues, help you understand past events, and send you physical/emotional/mental healing. You will receive clear, accurate answers about love and relationships, job or career, finances, health concerns, Soul purpose, limitations that block you from achieving your full potential, and other matters of importance to you.

She uses a variety of “tools” to assist her including Claircognizance, Muscle Testing and Psychometry.

Along with your Psychic Reading, you will also receive guidance about choices or actions you can take that will lead to your highest good.

You can rest assured that everything Stacy shares with you will be delivered in an honest, encouraging, supportive, optimistic and down-to-earth manner. And, often times, she’ll confirm things for you that you already intuitively know to be true.

Before your appointment begins, Stacy connects with her Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and God so she is channeling information from the highest sources.

As an experienced Psychic, Claircognizant, Empath, Spiritual Healer and Life Coach Stacy is uniquely qualified to not only foretell your future but also to guide, advise and assist you with your greatest challenges from the past and present.

Here are just a few examples of the many reasons people come to her for a Psychic Reading:

Example #1: There are upsetting circumstances in your life that continually repeat themselves but you don’t know how to make the required changes to have things turn out differently.

There is a root cause behind why this happens and Stacy can help you understand what it is so that you are empowered to make the needed corrections to stop repeating this pattern.

Example #2: You keep getting into relationships with the type of person who sooner or later, makes you feel unwanted, unappreciated or not good enough. You always start out with the hope that with this new person it will be different but then, you find yourself experiencing those same awful emotions again.

Stacy can explain why you are not “unlucky in love” but rather have deep-seated beliefs about what you deserve that impacts the choices you make in a partner. She will help you understand what this pattern is all about, and that you are worthy of having a special someone who loves you and treats you well.

Example #3: You often think about having your dream job or career but feel it is too financially risky to leave the “safe” one you already have. You may believe that you don’t have the necessary education or the ability to make your dream a reality so, you stay where you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Whether you already know or aren’t sure what your dream job or career is, Stacy can help you by asking certain questions. Your answers will bring clarity to your desires, and the fears that are standing in your way. She will give you the tools needed to let go of your current situation and go for the job or career you really want.

Whatever your challenges may be, Stacy can help you get “unstuck” from negative patterns of thinking and behavior that lead you away from rather than toward what you want most in life. The feelings associated with negative patterns can cause serious emotional, mental and physical pain that needs to be released and healed. Stacy empowers you to love, believe in, and trust yourself so you can create the future you desire!

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